Girl Scout Events

Wilderness Communications Hike

Join us on the Huckleberry Trail to learn about semaphore and Morse code as part of our Wilderness Communications hike! The event will start at 10am on September 21st and will end at 4pm that day. The cost of the event is FREE and is open to Juniors and above. For more information, our flyer is below. Please check back for our sign-up sheet soon.
A printable version is available here.
A printable version is available here.

Girl Scout Camp-O-Ree

Another great Camp-O-Ree has come in gone from this past Spring! We thank all of the Girl Scouts who were able to make it out to the event, and we thank all of our Scout leaders and Campus Scouts for helping make sure everything went smoothly. We hope everyone had a good time, and we hope you will look forward to the Camp-O-Ree in 2020!